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Our Policies

Please read our policies carefully before sending any inquiries, messages, etc. 

There are no exceptions to any of the policies that are listed below! 

- Before service(s) begin, Miss Lucy's Digital Designs ℠ will specify the current turnaround times for each service(s). The current turnaround time is based solely upon the current queue! 

- Services (including any drafts) will begin ONLY when your invoice has been sent and the payment of your service has been received! Prices are NOT negotiable!

- Once payment for service(s) has been made, clients are REQUIRED to maintain consistent communication regarding completion of your service(s). We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of each client in a timely manner, and by providing the turnaround time, with proper communication and providing all information necessary at the time it's requested, we GUARANTEE that service(s) will be completed on time and to your satisfaction.

***It is NOT our responsibility to supply information for ANY client's Website, E-Flyer or other digital services purchased from Miss Lucy's Digital Designs, therefore, we HIGHLY URGE ALL CLIENTS TO DO WHAT IS ASKED OF THEM as we do have the ability to forfeit continuation of ANY service(s) due to an extended delay in contact and your retainer fee/deposit will NOT be refunded.***


- Information requested must be submitted via email within 24 to 72 hours. If information is NOT received within this time, this will delay your initial completion date(s) for services provided and Late Fees MUST be assessed with your remaining balance that is due.

***It is our goal to complete each service in a timely and satisfactory manner. When client information is not provided in a timely routine, this further delays your service and also further complicates required work in our existing queue! Late Fee rates are $50 for the first week and $25 per week thereafter until services in your current contract have reached completion. After 6 Weeks, the service balance (with late fees included) MUST BE PAID, and an updated service contract issued before any further work can begin!*** 

- All photos/drafts of your designs can and may potentially be used for marketing purposes for Miss Lucy's Digital Designs ℠.

- A deposit of 80% is REQUIRED before service(s) will begin! NO DEPOSIT = NO SERVICES! 

***For website services, following the approval and completion of your website design's layout, the remaining 20% balance due MUST BE PAID IN FULL before the finalization of services with connection of your domain (along with SEO Configuration and SSL Certification, if applicable)!***

***For website services, any failure to and/or refusal to submit the remaining balance for services which is due (including any late fee(s) accumulated within the duration of services, will result in your account being locked until payment is received for work completed, or terminated in the event of service cancellation before payment is received.***

- Once information has been requested, please submit it within the time that has been specified in your service contract, via email to with the subject of '___Insert Your Business Name___ - Website Information Requested' !

-For website designing services, if information requested is NOT submitted within the time given in your contract, upon your website design's layout being completed, placeholder text will be added in and the website's remaining balance is due at the time that work is completed! NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL! 



- Failure to comply with these policies can result in permanent removal from the Miss Lucy's Digital Designs  ℠ clientele.

This way to Nails By Miss Lucy. 

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