Meet Our CEO

Meet Our CEO

Meet Miss Lucy,

The Founder & CEO of Nails By Miss Lucy

The CEO of Nails By Miss Lucy is a Licensed Nail Technician as well as a Licensed Nail Technician Instructor, and has over 10 years of practicing and working to perfect her amazing craft! Miss Lucy absolutely loves what she does, as she tells us "I decided to create and establish my company because for years I grew up and I'd seen so many around me that disliked their jobs, they didn't like their bosses, and most of them felt as if they were extremely overworked and underpaid, and that's still a HUGE problem!" Nails By Miss Lucy was not just created to design and share beautiful nail art, but it was also created to educate, empower and encourage others to be the change that they desire to see in the world! Miss Lucy also says "In order to be the change that I want so badly to see, I must be prepared to share my knowledge with other professionals (and those seeking to be professionals)  in the beauty industry, as well as my ​​​​​​​clients. I want to be able to empower those around me and even those that are far, and my goal is to encourage everyone that I can along the way." The CEO of Nails By Miss Lucy will soon be releasing products for both Nail Techs and Clients that want a custom touch of Miss Lucy in their lives! While you are awaiting the arrival of the #NailsByMissLucy product line, please check out our custom press-on nails that you can order and have shipped directly to you, right now!  In conclusion, Miss Lucy asks that everyone would "Please stay tuned for all that

Nails By Miss Lucy has to offer in this upcoming season, and we look forward to growing the#NailsByMissLucyNation!" in unimaginable ways! To keep up with what's happening, don't forget to Like #NailsByMissLucy on Facebook, Instagram 

@MissLucy_HerNails , and on Twitter 


" They watched your minor setbacks,

and some even talked about them!

Now it's time for them to

watch your MAJOR COMEBACKS!"

-Miss Lucy

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